Holistic. Effective. Sustainable.

Increasing brand impact means mastering complexity, understanding connections and dependencies, and creating simple control mechanisms.

Together with you, I analyze your existing brand management system and identify opportunities to increase the efficiency, quality and impact of your brand(s), to ensure that they can contribute to your business success in the best possible way.

Elements of a Brand Management System


Brand Stategy

  • Target perception, positioning and identity, including vision, mission and values
  • Brand design for all experience dimensions, including seeing, hearing and interacting
  • Brand architecture and naming



  • Stories, including social and business ambitions
  • Value propositions to stakeholder groups and individual benefits
  • Proof points and success stories


Brand experience management

  • Stakeholder journeys, including information and decision paths as well as all further interactions with the company and offers
  • Brand touchpoints, experiences and chains of impact


Performance management

  • Performance metrics and key performance indicators based on objectives
  • Data and analytics, including perception and efficiency
  • Dashboards / brand management information systems


Market insights

  • Internal and external stakeholders, including requirements and needs
  • Competitors, including performance and positioning
  • Trends and developments, including society, technology, economy



  • Roles and responsibilities (within and across teams)
  • Processes and instruments, e.g. for (agency) briefing, development and approval
  • Cross-functional networking, including internal teams and external partners



  • Brand portal, including assets, guidelines, templates, and best practices
  • Digitization and automation of processes
  • Exchange and collaboration

The optimization of the brand management system can be structured in four phases, which follow each other continuously. The process is clearly structured and can be run through at the speed you choose.




Results of the analysis and further development of the brand management system are e.g.

  • Sharpened business and brand objectives as well as success metricsDefined brand identity and brand positioning
  • Cultural cornerstones for brand development
  • Clear brand architecture and comprehensible naming system
  • Content and standards for brand management, e.g. value propositions, topics and messages, briefing documents
  • Clear tasks and responsibilities for the brand management team
  • Efficient structures, processes, and tools for brand management throughout the company
  • Optimized partner network for strategy, design, and communication tasks
  • Prioritized activities and initiatives, taking into account effort and impact
  • Guidelines, data and technologies for brand management, e.g. brand portals and dashboards

By consistently synchronizing the objectives and activities of all business functions, the brand can unleash its full potential. A well-organized brand management system ensures efficiency, quality and impact.

The results mentioned are exemplary and depend on the status of your brand management system. Of course, the individual results are based exclusively on your requirements and needs. I always build on existing content, structures, processes and instruments and am also happy to work with your existing partners.

I am happy to accompany you in working on all topics related to strategic and operational brand management. Let’s discuss how I can support you with your questions and tasks.