Hello, nice to see you.

I am Alexander R. Schröder, or simply Alexander or Alex. I have been helping companies to manage and develop their brands and brand portfolios for over 25 years.

A brand is the sum of all experiences people have with a company and its employees and offerings. These experiences embed in their minds and hearts as images, thoughts, emotions, and stories.

Based on these experiences, they decide for or against a company and / or its offerings – as employees, customers or partners.

It is therefore important for business success that these experiences are moderated and controlled in a comprehensive and targeted way. If the appropriate objectives, people, content, instruments, and structures for corporate and brand management are missing or do not mesh smoothly, efficiency, quality, and impact fall short. As a result, companies are not realizing their potential and valuable resources are being wasted.

It is therefore necessary to continuously review and develop the performance and effectiveness of brand management. If an efficient brand management system is in place, the brand can contribute to business success in the best possible way.



I would be happy to use my experience, skills and perspectives as well as my personality to help you review your brand management system, develop it further, make it fit for the future and activate your brand(s).

I always take an integrated approach to corporate and brand management.



We should get to know each other if you have the feeling that you are not yet fully exploiting the potential of your company and/or your brand(s). I would be happy to show you how you can step by step achieve more through your brand(s) together with your employees, customers and partners. Pragmatically. Measurably. Promised.

On the following pages I have summarized some thoughts and information that are intended to spark your interest and motivate you to get in touch with me. You will not regret it.

See you soon. I look forward to hearing from you.


Alexander R. Schröder
Brand Management Consultant