Creativity based on information

&EQUITY is one of the leading strategy consultancies in Germany at the intersection of empirics and strategy. For more than 28 years, &EQUITY has been offering comprehensive consulting services for renowned brands and companies such as OPEL, Müller, Paulaner, Merz Consumer Care, AOK, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Sparkasse.

&EQUITY consistently uses neuropsychologically oriented methods to bring people’s hidden emotions and fantasies to light. The overarching goal is to explore the full potential of a brand, develop its talents and compensate for any deficits.

In line with the positioning of &EQUITY, brand management requires knowledge about people and brands, but also creativity in order to translate the insights into communicative action. Because weighing does not make a pig fat. The company has consistently pursued this approach since 1995 and has proven successful time and again.

The approach: Images point the way to the truth

Almost all human decisions are emotional and unconscious. Reason only gives its approval after the fact. The unconscious plays a decisive role, especially in relation to corporate culture; it is a powerful authority.

&EQUITY therefore uses projective and associative techniques to uncover hidden associations and emotions. &EQUITY uses symbolic stimuli that activate not only the linguistically gifted left hemisphere of the brain, but also the visually gifted right hemisphere.

Of course, &EQUITY also integrates verbal stimuli in its depth psychology research programs, as the left hemisphere of the brain should receive equal attention. The combination of what is experienced emotionally and what can be perceived rationally creates a special depth of knowledge.


I have worked successfully with &EQUITY on numerous projects in recent years. As a result, I am very familiar with the way &EQUITY works.

If you have any further questions about &EQUITY or the procedure, please visit the website www.equity.de.

Of course, &EQUITY is also directly available for questions, ideas and suggestions about the &EQUITY Culture Vitalizer. The best thing is always a personal conversation. Your contact at &EQUITY is Constantin Thiessen: c.thiessen@equity.de.